User Adoption Research

When using digital tools, it’s important to understand how it is received by your users. Defining the relevant metrics is crucial to gain the insights you are looking for.

Here are few examples of how we can help you to define the right metrics and extract the important insights. Interested? Contact us for a proposal or initial consultation.

Defining the Right Metrics

Many of the most widely used metrics in the digital world might not be relevant to your specific needs. It is crucial to tailor the selected metrics to your predefined objectives.

Creating relevant Reports and Dashboards

Once the right metrics are defined, we can help you design a dashboard that highlights the most important insights at a glance, in addition to a more detailed report design for those interested in digging deeper.

Actionable Insights

When the right metrics and reports are in place, we will help you understand what the insights really mean in order to be able to take the right actions to adapt your strategy and optimise results.

Sample Projects

  • Digital Patient Monitoring Tool: led the design, analysis, and reporting of the user acceptance and adoption program related to the development and co-creation of a digital patient monitoring pilot program in a major Pharma company in collaboration with a Digital Health Startup and 10 clinics/hospitals in 3 different countries. The results were presented in ESMO-IO in December 2019 and can be accessed here.
  • Oncology Decision Support App: led the design, analysis, and reporting of a study evaluating the factors impacting clinicians’ adoption of an oncology decision support tool, and its implications for their workflow by conducting 17 interviews with clinicians across Europe. The results were published in JMIR and can be accessed here