Our published articles and research papers about Heath Tech, Mobile Health, User Engagement and Technology Adoption.

Clinicians’ Role in the Adoption of mHealth and its Implications for Organisational Practices“, the Journal of Medical Internet Research

Social and Material Factors impacting Clinicians’ adoption of mHealth Solutions“, a PROSPERO protocol of a systematic literature review

Would your doctor prescribe a mobile health solution?“, the Journal of mHealth.

Digital Health Solutions From Hype To Impact“, the Huffington Post.

Beyond fitness apps: patient-centric mobile health“, Pharmaphorum.

The Mobile Shift in Pharma Communications“, Pharmaphorum.

The Impact of Financial Crisis on Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Implications for Reputation Risk Management.” Journal of Management and Sustainability   ISSN 1925-4725 (Print)   ISSN 1925-4733 (Online).

Social Risks and Reputation Management – Conference Proceedings.” International Sustainability Conference.

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