User Engagement Strategies

Defining your user engagement strategy is key in connecting with your selected users in a noisy and fragmented digital landscape.

Engaging with your users needs to be based on a reliable strategy in order to succeed and achieve the desired results.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

Using digital tools and media in your channels’ mix is a necessity in the digital age. Your stakeholders are actively using those channels and are expecting you to be part of the ongoing communication. We can help you to strategically take part of the dialogue.

Sample Project

  • Multichannel Digital Strategy of an Immunotherapy Brand: co-led the design, execution, and dissemination of the Multichannel Digital Strategy and the relevant Media campaign, as well as the development of a comprehensive playbook to support the internal rollout. 

Accounting for User Engagement

How is user feedback considered and how does this feedback make its way into the design process? It is important to find a way to identify mechanisms that would enable your digital tools’ designers to understand and maximise the potential of the affordances created by your actual and potential users.

Our research about the topic can guide you through a step by step approach that will enable you to truly embed user-centricity into your constant development process to stay relevant to your users and foster acceptance and adoption.


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