Defining your engagement strategy is key in connecting with your selected audiences in a noisy and fragmented digital landscape.

Engaging with your audiences online needs to be based on a reliable strategy in order to succeed and achieve the desired results.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

Using social media in your channels’ mix is a necessity in the digital age. Your stakeholders are actively using those channels and are expecting you to be part of the ongoing communication. We can help you to strategically take part of the dialogue.

Online Recruitment and Employer Branding

Publishing job postings on social media can drastically increase candidate applications. We can help you to use Social as a key tool for promoting jobs, sourcing candidates and building your online employer brand.

Employee Ambassador Programs

Your employees are your best advocates, they can play an excellent role in your reputation management by leveraging shareable stories through their own social media channels making your content visible to their networks and multiplying visibility and engagement. We can help shape the strategy of programs that enable your organisation to tap into the power of your employees social networks.

Internal Social Media Strategy

The role of internal social networks in today’s workplace is rapidly evolving. We can help you to use it not only as a tool to better understand your employees, by helping them to connect, learn, share and grow, but also as an enabler that facilitates dialogue across your workforce’s generations and geographies.