This is a selection of references from our previous or current customers and colleagues. You can check more references on LinkedIn.

Christine is a consummate professional who brings deep expertise, teamwork mindset, and passion for excellence to people she connects with and to projects that she touches. It’s been a pleasure to partner with her on both strategic and execution levels, and shape our global digital excellence standards and campaign design approach to enable our corporate network to be more curious, get engaged, and apply smart/customer-centric digital practices to their business.

Jessica Wong, Head of Digital Excellence, Global Product Strategy at Roche

I worked with Christine to gather patient and hcp feedback in a digital healthcare pilot in oncology. She’s an inspiring colleague, professionally and personally. In our discussions she demonstrated an extraordinary ability to translate numbers and statistics into crisp insights that reflected well our interviewees and informed business stakeholders. Due to her healthcare industry experience and always up-to-date scientific evidence knowledge on digital healthcare adoption she was able to plan ahead and provide all necessary insights to satisfy business stakeholders, healthcare professionals and peer-reviewers about the quality of the project outcomes. I would always work again with Christine and trust on her guidance in collecting user feedback to inform the continuous development and implementation of digital healthcare products.

Manuel Kammermann, Senior Digital Transformation Consultant at Arcondis AG

Christine and I worked together on strategic digital plans for global oncology brands, where she translated insights into strategy, lead internal communications, identified innovation opportunities, and delivered amazing results. She is a dream partner, always collaborative and reliable, yet willing to push back and stand up for what is important for the business and customers. Her hidden super power is empathy, which she uses to work with others and also to understand patient and HCP needs. In parallel to her consulting business, she is a thought-leader in digital health, with deep knowledge of emerging trends and technologies and their potential applications in the real world.

Kevin Michels-Kim, Co-Founder & VP Product & Technology at Merakoi

Very talented Digital strategist and great team player is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Christine. I had the pleasure of working with Christine, collaborating on various topics like digital enterprise, social media and employee engagement. I was particularly impressed by Christine’s great expertise in Digital communications and her ability to lead innovative programs in this area within a big corporation. Christine is also great to work with, in addition of being a respected professional, she is also a friendly and supportive colleague!

Emmanuelle Stoetzel, Senior Global Communications Manager at Novartis

Christine is a very skilled and experienced communications professional. I worked closely with her on developing a global digital governance approach across a large multinational organization. Christine impressively demonstrated her core skills in mobilizing, motivating and engaging a globally dispersed group of professionals. Her ability to achieve alignment and to drive the group to results was amazing. On top, Christine is a fun person to work with. Her engaging personality and wonderful sense of humor are great to have around in any team or work environment.

Daniel Braxton, Head Strategic Planning Group Communications at Roche

A natural communicator with a special gift for content marketing, Christine crafted a great content strategy that included several interesting stories about our products and projects that were very positively received by our target audiences. She is very engaged and dedicated, her ability to connect and catalyse always led to excellent results.

Ihab el Dessouky, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Atlas Copco

I had the pleasure of working with Christine. I found her to be collaborative, smart, efficient and highly productive. I was continually impressed with her dedication to our projects, and her ability to bring strong ideas to the table and innovate. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, you’ll see why people at all levels — from senior managers to junior colleagues — genuinely enjoy working with Christine. She achieves terrific results with compassion and kindness.

Jeordan Legon, Director of Interactive Media, Harvard Medical School