Operating Model

We collaborate with a well established network of trusted partners specializing in diverse areas that support the success of Digital Communications and Social Media strategies.

Digi-Bridges can propose and bring in experts in the following domains to fit your projects’ needs when they prevail:

Usability Testing  

Usability experts are specialists that can conduct user research and usability tests with real-life users, to assess the impact of your online presence. Such lab or field based tests provide advice to help you optimise your digital solutions. UsercentriX is our preferred partner for usability testing and user research..

Video Marketing

Video content stands out on social media because it gives customers a quick overview without all the text. This is an example of such corporate videos that we created in collaboration with our preferred partner.

Digital Change Management

Technology changes are a natural part of the Digital Transformation process. Our preferred partners at LIVEsciences are organisational change experts and will be happy to help you catalyse the change.

IT Strategists

Building a robust digital marketing plan often requires the development of a solid IT strategy including tools and solutions such as mobile apps. Our IT partners VIU are experts in this domain and will happily help should this need prevail.

Market Research Gurus 

In addition to metrics definition and high level dashboards, sometimes an in depth marketing research analysis is needed. This requires sophisticated and advanced tools that can provide insights into competitor analysis, journey mappings and benchmarks.